From Garage to World Business Center

Miroslav Trnka is a Slovak entrepreneur and the director of Eset, an IT security company.

In 1987, while working in his garage with his friend Peter Paska, he wrote his first anti-virus software program.

It took another 11 years for the software — named NOD 32 — to become successful. In 1998, NOD 32 received top marks from Virus Bulletin magazine, a leading industry publication, for its ability to detect all viruses.

Since then, NOD 32 has achieved a perfect score more than 50 times. Today Eset has more than 25 million users worldwide, and the company has dedicated sales branches throughout the world.

Read by John Edwin Skelton.

entreprenuer – podnikateľ
ability – schopnosť
since then – odvtedy
worldwide – na celom svete
branch – pobočka

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