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From Garage to World Business Center

Miroslav Trnka is a Slovak entrepreneur and the director of Eset, an IT security company.

In 1987, while working in his garage with his friend Peter Paska, he wrote his first anti-virus software program.

It took another 11 years for the software — named NOD 32 — to become successful. In 1998, NOD 32 received top marks from Virus Bulletin magazine, a leading industry publication, for its ability to detect all viruses.

Since then, NOD 32 has achieved a perfect score more than 50 times. Today Eset has more than 25 million users worldwide, and the company has dedicated sales branches throughout the world.

Read by John Edwin Skelton.

entreprenuer – podnikateľ
ability – schopnosť
since then – odvtedy
worldwide – na celom svete
branch – pobočka

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The Electric Car

There could be some big changes in the types of cars we drive in 2008.

Some companies, such as Tesla Motors in California, are planning to make electric cars.

Tesla’s Roadster, for example, will be able to travel 400 kilometers on a single charge.

However, these cars will not be cheap. The Roadster will sell for $100,000.

company – firma
for example – napríklad
single charge – jedno nabitie
cheap – lacný

Tvar be able to + sloveso (príklad v budúcom čase): byť schopný, dokázať niečo.

will be able to travel 400 kilometers on a single charge.-… dokáže prejsť 400 kilometrov na jedno na jedno nabitie.

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Two Children Wanted to Get Married in Africa

A German boy and girl, aged six and seven, were planning to elope to Africa last week.

According to a report in The Sun, Mika and Anna-Lena packed their suitcases and were seen waiting for a train to the airport in Hanover, Germany.

The two lovebirds brought Anna-Lena’s five-year-old sister Anna-Bell on the trip to be a witness.

Police officers found the young couple and told them that it would be difficult for them to travel to Africa without any money or a plane ticket. They were returned to their parents.

get married – oženiť sa
elope – utiecť (za účelom mať svadbu,vačšinou bez súhlasu rodičov)
suitcase – kufor
train – vlak
lovebirds – milenci
witness – svedok

Trpný rod (be + 3. tvar slovesa) sa v angličtine používa častejšie ako v slovenčine. V slovenčine sa skôr používa činný rod s neurčitým podmetom.

and were seen waiting for … – a videli ich (boli videní) ako čakajú

They were returned to… – Vrátili ich (Boli vrátení)…

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Ha, Ha, Ha! Laughter Can Make You Thinner

There is good news for people who want to lose weight but do not want to leave their sofa.

According to a report in The Telegraph, researchers found that laughing makes the stomach muscles work harder and become stronger.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight, one method would be to watch your favorite comedy on television.

laughter – smiech
lose weight – schudnúť
stomach muscles – brušné svaly


Podmieňovací spôsob: would + sloveso.

,.. one method would be to watch – … jednou metódou by bolo pozerať

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